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Whale Muslin Blanket
Whale Muslin Blanket

Whale Muslin Blanket

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WHY Muslin Blanket?

  1. Burp Cloth - Life saver for cleaning up mess.
  2. Nursing Cover - Mummy definetly need this. 
  3. Summer Blanket - Blanket to keep your baby warm in car seat or Pram.
  4. Swaddle - Lightweight swaddle, newborn feel nice and secure being swaddled.
  5. Summer Pram Shade - Cover with normal blanket can overheat your baby. Lightweight and breathable thin muslin is one of the best option.
  6. Tummy time Blanket - Not putting directly baby on floor and also avoid any sick and dribble produce during tummy time. 
  7. Baby changing mat cover - avoid baby directly lying on cold changing mat. Easily cleaning up when baby decide to wee. 
  8. A Comforter - Babies are very fond to muslin cloths for snuggling for comfort.


2 layers Muslin Blanket

Size: 110 x 120 cm


  • 70% Bamboo
  • 30% Cotton


2 pieces a pack (1 design + 1 Plain White)